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Christian financial advice


Christian financial advice

Christian Financial Advice that can Change Your Life!

Are you in financial trouble? Are you overwhelmed with mounting debt and financial burdens? Do you need biblical financial advice you can trust? Then, you have come to the right place.

If money problems are controlling your life and robbing you of hope, please pay close attention to the next few words; The Shrewd Christian is a book offering practical, financial advice for Christians -- that can change your life! Packed with relevant, biblical financial advice, The Shrewd Christian will show you how to start eliminating debt, saving more money (on everyday purchases) and living a life of financial freedom. Using these proven, Christian financial principles, Neil Atkinson has helped many people get out of debt and on their way to a life that is truly free! This is the life that God intended for you as a Christian – a life of financial freedom and the ability to live generously toward others – not a life of slavery to debt (Proverbs 22:7) and other crushing money problems.

Many people with debt feel like they’re barely surviving. If this is you, there is good news. You can put a new lifestyle into place in less than 24 hours. You do not have to continue the way you are going. The Shrewd Christian can help you turn a devastating financial situation around and lead you to live a life free from debt and financial stress. Start solving your financial problems now!

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Author, Neil Atkinson has been featured in magazine articles and on numerous radio programs including; Moody Radio’s Midday Connection, Janet Paschal and Focus on the Family. His book: The Shrewd Christian is a practical, readable, and funny book that will enable you to "conquer money -- not merely solve money problems”. Get Christian financial advice from Neil Atkinson and gain control of your financial situation faster than you believed possible!

The Shrewd Christian is not a prosperity message. It is a message of real hope, practical financial solutions and huge rewards that naturally come when smarter financial decisions are made. Are you ready to eliminate debt from your life? Would you like to take control of your money once and for all and live the life God intended you to live? If you’re ready for a radical (and biblical) change in your financial situation, get Christian Financial Advice you can trust from The Shrewd Christian!

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Christian financial advice

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"This is an important book!
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-Wes, TX

“Neil Atkinson has an extremely solid, biblical perspective on personal finances...I highly recommend this book. It’s fun, serious and full of practical helps.”
–Denny Rydberg, president
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