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About Neil Atkinson

Neil Atkinson is NOT a financial expert!

So, why should you pay attention to him on financial matters?

Because he can give you hope! If he, as an ordinary person, can become Truly Rich and Financially Wealthy, then you can too!

Out of his work with thousands of men and women in different organizations, and through his own practice, Neil has developed The Shrewd Lifestyle. This amazing system enables people in the Christian Middle Class to achieve financial mastery. His book, The Shrewd Christian, contains the essence of that system.

Because he has enjoyed great success sharing this system on many radio shows, print interviews and speaking engagements and because people always want more, he feels this message was made for times like these. Consequently, he is developing a seminar to teach the material and a companion volume to elaborate on the current edition.

Neil is the Founder and President of Next! Leadership Development, Inc. The purpose of the organization is to enable individuals and organizations to take the correct steps toward maximum productivity.

He is a graduate of Hope College and Fuller Theological Seminary. He served with Young Life for 32 years in a variety of leadership positions.

After retiring in 1994 and finding that status boring, he worked with the International Foundation (a Wash D.C. ministry organization) establishing leadership projects as well as teaching churches how to do Incarnational Evangelism.

In 1997 Neil started helping men and women discover what they do best and what careers matched those strengths.

After several years he began to notice that individuals did not move forward in their lives because they had money issues. People were enslaved to money; they were being held prisoner by debt or lifestyle. After having raised his family on a small minister's salary, he decided to help set people free. His newest book, The Shrewd Christian, aims to master the money problem for the Christian Middle Class.

He enjoys his wife and family, fishing, landscaping, entertaining/cooking, skiing, and golf (most of the time).

Neil is married to Margie Atkinson. They began their adventure 40 years ago and really enjoy living in Colorado. They have two adult children and 3 grandchildren.

Meet Neil Atkinson

Meet Neil Atkinson - Biblical Financial Guidance Author,


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"This is an important book!
It spells out simple tried
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-Wes, TX

“Neil Atkinson has an extremely solid, biblical perspective on personal finances...I highly recommend this book. It’s fun, serious and full of practical helps.”
–Denny Rydberg, president
of Young Life