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“This isn’t your ordinary money book.”
–Kristin, PA

“There is nothing like this out there.”
–Eric, CO

“Who would have thought that frugal could be so fun? We saved $135 last week and had more fun than we did when we spent too much the week before.”
–Sue, MN

“My wife and I can finally talk about money. Thank you.”
–Scott, CA

“Debt was escalating out of control. I appreciated your advice. I am on track to be debt free in six months. Thank you.”
–Jeremy, OR

“Neil Atkinson has an extremely solid, biblical perspective on personal finances. As he states, shrewd Christians do not ignore money or stop at money alone. Instead, they go through money and get past money so they can be involved in more important things. I highly recommend this book. It’s fun, serious, and full of practical helps.”
–Denny Rydberg, president of Young Life, an international outreach ministry to adolescents

“What I love about this book is the coupling of callings: that people matter and money matters. The Shrewd Christian is a fantastic guide to improving your economy while maintaining your ‘people are primary’ philosophy.”
–Marilyn Meberg, author of The Zippered Heart and speaker for the Women of Faith conferences

“Neil Atkinson does a masterful job of offering the ‘Christian middle-class’ practical solutions to everyday financial issues. The Shrewd Christian challenges and encourages God’s people to live as biblically wise stewards in an increasingly hostile world.”
–David Briggs, director of the Good Sense Stewardship Ministry at Willow Creek Community Church

“Neil’s wry sense of humor punctuates each page of The Shrewd Christian; his years of personal experience and his wisdom make this book invaluable. The Shrewd Christian makes it not only possible but simple and fun to control money, instead of letting it control you.”
–Grace Ketterman, child and family psychiatrist and author of numerous books, including When You Feel Like Screaming

“Neil helps us to understand how we can reach the goals of gladness and contentment and how costly it is to our souls when we allow finances to be the center of our affections. As you read Neil’s wise counsel in this book, you will hear the voice of Jesus whispering in your ear, ‘Follow me.’ Neil encourages and teaches us to stop listening to the bad shepherds in our society and to keep our souls aligned with the Good Shepherd: Jesus.”
–Craig Williford, Ph.D., president of Denver Seminary

Reading your book is like talking to a friend. Thanks again for your straightforward approach and Biblical perspective. I feel a hope and freedom again for our financial situation. May the Lord bless your work with all of the things that make true riches.
Cindy, Orange, CA

I am a retired manufacturers rep. I earned plenty of money over the years and I spent more than I earned. Where were you 10 years ago? I am glad I found you today!

Your definitions of true riches and wealth were so helpful to me. For most of my adult (i.e. married) life I have not had healthy attitudes toward money, spending and saving. Thank you for your book that God so graciously placed before me at a time when I was ready to be convicted and move on to freedom in him and in my financial situation!

My husband and I have been trying to find a way to work toward more financial security. I ordered your book having heard you and was thrilled to receive it. I have read about a third so far, but I have read many other books about money and this is the first that excites me. I am looking forward to this journey, not dreading it like I was.

Thank you for being the first Christian author I have ever read that recognizes that for some families, it truly works better for both parents to have fulfilling careers.
Sue O'Grady

Mr. Neil, You are the only finance guy who uses good old common sense. I just bought your book a week ago after hearing you on the radio. I'm half way through it , it gives us hope. Thanks.

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"This is an important book!
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-Wes, TX

“Neil Atkinson has an extremely solid, biblical perspective on personal finances...I highly recommend this book. It’s fun, serious and full of practical helps.”
–Denny Rydberg, president
of Young Life