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Ten things you’ll learn while reading The Shrewd Christian:

  1. What it means to be Shrewd with your resources (a biblical perspective)
  2. Whether you are you Financially Alert or Financially Comatose (uh-oh)
  3. How to get tough so you can beat debt once and for all! (grrrrr!)
  4. Discover the forces at work – trying to keep you from becoming wealthy!
  5. Learn the key question to ask yourself on the road to True Riches
  6. How to Pay Attention and avoid Pain & Tension! (Don’t miss this one!)
  7. Learn why Money is NOT the source of problems in marriage (surprise!)
  8. Become the Residential CEO and take command of your situation now!
  9. The difference between Devastating Debt, Delightful Debt & Decent Debt
  10. Practical advice on how to save on everyday things you’re already purchasing!

And that’s not the half of it...

This list is just the beginning of what you’ll learn by reading The Shrewd Christian. Order your Autographed copy today and start yourself on the path to eliminating debt and discovering True Riches!

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Meet Neil Atkinson

Meet Neil Atkinson - Biblical Financial Guidance Author,


10 Things
you will learn reading
The Shrewd Christian!

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The Shrewd Christian

"This is an important book!
It spells out simple tried
and true ways in which
you will become financially
-Wes, TX

“Neil Atkinson has an extremely solid, biblical perspective on personal finances...I highly recommend this book. It’s fun, serious and full of practical helps.”
–Denny Rydberg, president
of Young Life